Tadarise 20 is a medication used to treat erectile dysfunction. The drug is based on the theory of blocking the enzyme phosphodiesterase or PDE5 blocker as the enzyme gets precipitated in the muscle wall of the penis it causes the flaccidity. Once the enzyme action gets blocked it leads to better blood flow and erected penis.

Directions Tadarise 20

Cialis Tadarise 20 - so secretly called generic Cialis soft in the form of lozenges. It has the same capabilities as the company cialis Soft. Produces medicine Sunrise Remedies Plant (India)

Tadarise 20 tablets for men are used to combat potency problems. Only one tablet can restore full-fledged male function for 36 hours. The product is absorbed in the mouth, and is not swallowed like regular tablets. Pleasant sweet taste - an additional bonus to the medicinal effect.

Cialis Tadarise 20 instructions for use

The tool does not cause an erection in itself, but only elimtes the interfering factor

Normal physiological processes - poor blood circulation in the genitals.

The main substance Tadalafil 20 tablets relax the walls of arteries, with the onset of arousal; the right amount of blood enters the penis and provokes an erection. Absolutely natural result from which you and your partner will be delighted.

15-30 minutes before the moment when you need to “be in shape”, place 1 tablet or an analogue of Cialis Soft and dissolve like a candy. You do not need to drink water, the diet does not matter.

When taking the Tadarise 20 medicine, pay attention to intimate caresses to experience sexual attraction and combat readiness as a result.

You can repeat the use of a sexual stimulant after at least 24 hours, but as Tadarise 20 reviews say , the drug honestly works out its 36 hours. For safe use of male drugs, consult a doctor more than 2 times a week. Perhaps you should undergo a course of treatment and solve the problem for a whole year.


Tadarise 20 Tadalafil in the minimum dosage

When it comes to Cialis generics, the name Tadarise (or Tadarise) comes to mind one of the first. This drug was developed by the well-known pharmaceutical company Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd, therefore, it meets all modern requirements for potency regulators: it acts for a long time, is combined with small doses of alcohol, gives a minimum of side effects, etc.

3 main reasons to buy a Tadarise

1. Record action time

The main active ingredient of Tadarise 20 is Tadalafil. It is Tadalafil that provides the record time for the effect. By the time of action, Tadarise 20 is superior to the preparations of the Super p Force group (Viagra) by 12 hours, as well as the preparations of the Vardenafil group (Levitra) and Avanafil group (Stendra) by 30 hours.

2. Less side effects compared to sildenafil

In a comparative analysis of the side effects of Super Vidalista and Tadalafil (Tadarise), the latter showed the best result. When taking Tadarise tablets, the risk of side effects is approximately 20% less.

3. Gives maximum therapeutic effect

With regular use of Tadarise, the effect of the drug persists for a long time. For example, if you regularly take Tadarise for a month, the therapeutic effect can last from 3 to 6 months.

The Magic Pills store has special conditions for metropolitan customers. If you decide to buy Tadarise 20 in Moscow, we will bring the drug to any address convenient for you. It is especially advantageous to buy Tadarise in Moscow in large quantities, since with a total order of more than 3,000 rubles; delivery will cost you free of charge. Magic Pills guarantees 100% anonymity!

Tadarise 20 dosage details

Tadarise dosage of is designed specifically for men with relative contraindications to potency regulators. If your doctor recommends taking the drug with caution, then the minimum dose is perfect for you. But it is worth noting that Tadarise 20 is the minimum dose only for men up to 60 kg. For those whose weight is greater, the minimum dose will be 5 mg tablets. As for the optimal dosage for a powerful and long lasting erection for middle-aged men, here we recommend buying Tadarise in a concentration of 20 mg.

Also, Tadarise 20 is perfect for middle-aged men who want a light stimulating effect and significant therapeutic with minimal risk of side effects. 

Contraindications Tadarise 20 mg


· Simultaneous administration of inhibitors or nitrate-containing drugs.

· Weak health in which sex is an unjustified risk.

Serious cardiovascular disease in the last 6 months.

· Children and adolescence

Do not forget that Tadarise 20 is the price of your pleasure, but by no means life. If you have any medical conditions that require observation, tell your doctor about your desire to buy Tadarise 20 mg.


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