Modern Architecture Styles


1. Contemporary style

The use of natural materials such as stone or wood for the facade; the irregular but straight shapes that show off the modules of its architecture; it is also widespread in large windows that often visually unite two volumes of different heights from the outside. Finally, these are usually flat and without excessive ornamentation (a feature shared with minimalist architecture). 

2. Minimalist style

Minimalist architecture materializes that less is more through precise shapes and simple, but not simple, lines of its facade. One of the most distinctive aspects of any minimalist house is the basic image that they show from the outside: the geometry takes the visual prominence over any excessive or unnecessary detail. 

As far as colors are concerned, white, as in the Scandinavian aesthetics of interiors, fills the image of the facades, although it admits small combinations with other colors through different materials, for example, wood. 

3. Industrial style

 The architecture of a loft, for example, represents the essence of industrial style, being a concept born from the old abandoned factories that soon became renovated living spaces. Well, from the outside, they would look like the house in the image. A model that we call container house and whose main feature is the use of materials that remind us of factory spaces: many exposed iron and lines that, although they may be somewhat crude, represent its hallmark.

4. Mediterranean style

The Mediterranean style and way of life have some peculiar characteristics that its architecture tries to reflect in one way or another. In this sense, many of the houses are covered with white plaster stucco on both the exterior and interior to absorb sunlight, an element that celebrates Mediterranean interior design. It is also widespread to find an interior courtyard, where the clay tiles used in the front give way to other materials that call to the natural aesthetics of this type of construction. We are talking about palm leaves or bamboo.

5. Colonial style 

Colonial architecture has a significant history behind it that explains much of its visual characteristics. The first expressions of this type of architecture appeared back in the 15th century. The period of 15 century is a considerable part of studying at design faculty, and students have to read more literature, write summaries, and free essays to understand this topic deeper. The new architecture had to adapt to the conditions of unknown terrain but was marked by critical topographical irregularities. Visible today are constructions such as churches, chapels, and large ancient cathedrals.

 And in this context, almost two centuries later, colonial-style houses emerged due to the expansion of the new Spanish and Portuguese cities. They are large houses organized in two or three stories with high ceilings, in the shape of a short "V." 


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