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Tired of Being Single?

In this day of computer dating sites, Twitter, Linked–In, and FaceBook creating more and more connections why are so many single?  Yes! Approximately 90 million.

Singles Seeking Singles: Alone

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We are feeling more and more alone despite the greater opportunities to connect.  But why is this? The bottom-line is that more and more of us are alone.  We are seeking connection and yet more and more disconnected.  But you are sick of it, aren’t you?

You Want A Mate

You want a mate, don’t you?  I don’t blame you.  Love is amazing.  We get our best life from being our best with a mate.  Mates are a brilliant way of moving us into a better life and many lessons. It can bring fire into our lives.

“I feel we surrendered our lives to the momentum of mediocrity.  I mean what happen to all the celestial fire that lit our way… No fire, no heat; no heat, no life; that’s the equation.”  Don Octavio from the movie Don Juan DeMarco

Love is extraordinary.  

Stop Being Single

When a person wants to stop being single, what do they do?  Well, you could try the many varied dating services online, but the truth is connecting with another is a sacred and special event.  Who knows us best, but our truest friends and allies?  Asking friends and going on blind dates can prove beneficial; however, it is quite often unproductive.  Friends usually don’t have enough friends of the opposite sex to gain a successful match.  


Matchmaking in dating is like having a best friend that ‘gets it’ when it comes to dating, can offer advice, and knows a ton of the opposite sex.  Plus, a matchmaker learns about all their clients and knows what they want in addition to having an innate ability to match the right people together.  If you’ve never heard of matchmaking you are not alone.  Matchmaking is an art of putting the right two people together.  Matchmaking is a service I can’t help but recommend!  I’ve seen too many success stories to deny the benefits of having a matchmaker.

Stop Searching, Start Dating

If you are truly sick of searching and want a real relationship, stop searching and start dating.  Dating is the first step in meeting the mate of your dreams.  I want you to find the love of your life.  Love is an amazing thing and you deserve it!   

7 Quick Tips A Dating Man Should Know - Dating Over 30

1. Ask lots of good questions

Make sure that she is not feeling the need to make you comfortable – the plight women often fall into but one that doesn’t make her want a second date.

2. Be chivalrous

Open doors, mind your manners, pick-up the check

3. Get her talking about things that make her feel good

When you keep the conversation on topics that have her feeling good she will associate that good feeling to you!

4. Take the lead

Women, even strong women, want to know you are the man and can take the lead. This doesn’t mean that you neglect getting her input or buy-in, but have a plan for the date.

5. Be comfortable in your own skin

When you feel good about you, she is highly likely to feel the same way. True confidence is a must in the dating world. Don’t confuse confidence with arrogance.

6. Listen

Your listening skills are key to getting that second date. Be interested – not interesting!

7. No negative or too serious conversations

Negative topics include anything you complain about (i.e., work, dating, family, ex anythings) and too serious conversations include things like sex, politics, and medical conditions. Keep your date light and fun!


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